Working with the School


Viv has been supporting our daughter at school on a weekly basis in developing her language skills.


Viv also works closely with Tara's Teaching Assistant to ensure that her aims are supported in school throughout the week. Tara loves her sessions with Viv because they are fun, creative and relate to her interests. Viv has a lovely relationship with our daughter, being sensitive to her needs, encouraging and patient with her pace of learning.


We continue to see good progress with Tara's communication skills development and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Viv to any other parent looking for support for their child."

Kinver Parent



Viv has worked hard with our son since he was five years old, when he could not be understood by others and was becoming very frustrated. Whilst his speech is not completely perfect, he can now be understood by others."

Wolverhampton Parent



Viv really got to know our son and used his interests to make a social story for him that can only be described as inspired!"

Wellington Parent

The Story of 'L'


This is the story of how I learnt to say ‘L’ sounds and words.


In the summer holiday I met Viv. She is my speech therapy teacher. First, she helped me to pronounce the sound of all the ‘L’s with vowels.


Slowly but surely, I learnt ‘L’ words and then sentences. 


When my piano teacher asked me to say Legato he was amazed and thrilled with happiness when I said Legato clearly and perfect. My piano teacher was very emotional and put his hand on his heart to show his joyful feeling.

by Ben, Worcester



I don't know what we would have done if Viv had not been doing monthly visits to support us in supporting our son. She gave us ideas, resources and confidence in knowing what we were doing."

Kidderminster Parent